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Munger Road - Real Haunts in Wayne IL

  • Munger Road
  • Wayne, IL
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This road is reportedly haunted by screams that come from the railroad tracks, flashing lights, and phantom trains. Legend says that a train once hit a school bus, killing the children on board, and that their ghosts wander all over the area. Another story says a train derailed and crashed into a house here, killing the residents except for an old man and his demon dog, who are said to haunt the place to this day. Devil worshippers, mental hospitals, murders and killer fake cops are also told about in these parts. There was a film made called "Munger Road," but police says the events in the film were not factual.
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  • Ghost Train at Army Trail crossing

    Around 1996, my dad stopped for the train crossing lights on Army Trail Rd. It was a bit after 9pm and neither of us could believe it when an all black steam train went by. We looked at each other and wondered if it was really there? We both refere to it as the ghost train and the experience still gives me goosebumps.

    Posted 12/16/23

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  • Went here a few times when I was younger.

    The story I heard has something to do with children trying to help push your car off the tracks if you stalled on the tracks. We were around 17-18 years old. It was still mostly a dirt road, kicking up dust as you drove along. Our first time going there I drove my 87 Buick Regal. I followed the instructions of my friends who told me to stop on the tracks, but the car in park, then shut off the engine and honk the horn once. We sat there expecting something crazy to happen. After a few moments of silence we laughed and said it was BS and drove up the road to the burned down house. We parked on the side of the road and got out to inspect the house. It could have been a "feeling" about the house, but it was more likely scared kids getting anxious the closer we got. We didn't have the courage to investigate the house, but it certainly was creepy and gave off some vibes. We got back in the car, drove up and then back to the south end of Munger Road and went on our way. I needed gas so we stopped at the gas station nearby. The 87 Regal had its gas tank under the rear license plate. Pull it down and there's where you put the gas. So I went behind the car and went to tilt the plate down and I noticed handprints all over the trunk of my car. I showed my friends (5 of us in total) and we all freaked out lol. I am convinced, as a skeptic, that it was an illusion. I mean, the handprints were all over the trunk for sure, but driving down a dirt road kicking up dust then that dust getting adhered to the oils from our hands that we leave everywhere is a more logical explanation. It was a lot of handprints. It absolutely could have been something paranormal, but it can be debunked and I have to go with the oil and dust theory. I didn't wash my car a lot and I was in that trunk a lot. Definitely spooky to an over-imaginative kid. It was definitely fun though. Sadly that road is not what it once was. It is paved. The houses of interest are no longer there. Only giving a poor rating because it what it was. At that time I would have rated it higher. If it truly is haunted then I would imagine new stories can be made. The ghosts don't just go away because you pave a road and tear down a house, I would imagine.

    Posted 8/12/23

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  • Munger house “anyone remember”

    Around 1999 2000 I was a 15 year old boy with friends. As teens do we decided to go to a haunted house called munger house. Supposedly it was a haunted place cause satanism was done in the stone cellar of the house. The house caught fire and legend said that ashy “handprints” where left from the fire in the cellar. We never found out cause we were too scared to go down the stone stairs. The house was demolished soon after…anyone remember the house from that area????

    Posted 10/30/22

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  • Definitely haunted

    If you’re looking for something scary and paranormal this is the place to go. I went with my family. We rode in two different cars one who is not participating and ones who were. I was obviously in the car that was participating. It’s told that if you put baby powder on top of your car you will see all the hand prints which is true you can actually feel them touching the car. And you can hear the train getting closer and closer but the train never comes. The train sounded so real that the car behind us that was not participating was honking at us to move because they believe there was one coming but it never did. Eventually we had to leave because we got pulled over by a cop but he let us go because he said many people come here for this attraction

    Posted 7/6/22

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  • Hand prints, but easily debunked.

    In the late 90's or early 2000's my friends and I use to go to Munger Rd. We did the whole "sit on the tracks" thing. At that time it was a gravel road that kicked up a lot of dust. Nothing happened on the tracks and we ended up roaming around the area freaking ourselves out over the general spookiness of the area at the time. Once we left we went to get gas and upon getting out of the car I found a bunch of hand prints on the trunk of the car. At the time we were all freaking out, but as I got older I thought back on it and realized that it was likely the oils from my hands on the trunk from opening and closing the trunk, which the dust from the gravel road attached to. Was still a spooky event for a bunch of 18/19 year olds.

    Posted 1/27/22

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  • So scared

    In the early 90’s my friend and I were bored on a Saturday night and decided to drive down Munger Rd to see if we would experience anything. As we were driving there was a bright light hovering as we went over the tracks. It seemed to move closer as we were driving towards it. This was not a motorcycle.. to this day we still don’t know what the light was. We were scared and attempted to turn around and got stuck on the side of the road. We were able to get out as the light slowly kept approaching. I have never been so scared.

    Posted 10/23/21

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  • Local haunted hang back in late 90’s

    This occurred around 1998. I was with three friends driving on Munger road heading north. It was a Friday evening around 9:30/10pm. My friend was driving on the gravel road swerving as a joke and lost control of the car. We hit a tree and the car flipped on its side. It happened in an instant. We all had minor injuries from the wreck. The car was totaled. We used to hang out and drive on Munger Road pretty regularly but never saw anything paranormal. The accident was enough for me to stay away from that road moving forward.

    Posted 1/30/21

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  • Scary

    I was walking home from work at night around 12 or 1 pm when I came across the train tracks. I’ve been told by many of my friends and family that this place was haunted but I thought that they were just telling me that to scare me since they knew I always walk through that road. But as I was saying, when I came across the tracks I automatically felt like as if someone was watching or looking at me. I began to feel uncomfortable and tried walking fast to get home faster. As I was walking further down that road I saw what I believed To be a ghostly figure running into the tracks. My heart dropped to my stomach and began to ran. Which up to this day I’m not sure if it was just my imagination or if it was a paranormal phenomena but I rather stay away from that road just to be on the safe side.

    Posted 7/14/20

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