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Benedictine University - Lisle IL Real Haunted Places

  • 5700 College Rd.
  • Lisle, IL
  • (630) 829-6000
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This university is rumored to have quite a few ghost stories attached to it. One tells the tale of a young boy ghost that wears a blue t-shirt and shorts while wandering around campus before vanishing. Reports say that Benedictine Hall had to be closed because it was so haunted. A clergyman was said to be the ghost that haunted the 4th floor, and in the art wing, some have reported hearing voices. There was also a rumor that on the 5th floor, an exorcism took place after a student became possessed when he and a group of friends used a Ouija board in the cemetery. Ghostly children are believed to haunt Jaeger Hall and some residents have reported hearing their stereos turn on in the middle of the night. A little girl and boy ghost is said to linger Neuzil Hall. The two were captured on film and were visible after the photos were developed. One room inside Ondrak Hall is closed due to its hauntings as well. Another eerie occurrence here - TV's have been known to change volume for no reason at all.
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  • This place is haunted

    I attended Benedictine university from 2016-2020. I stayed in the freshman girls dorm Jaeger. When I would be ready to go to sleep I would hear marbles being dropped on the floor above me… like I could hear it through my ceiling. When I went upstairs to ask if anyone was playing with marbles the girls above me told me no one was playing with marbles. I experienced this many times throughout the year and every time they reassured me it was not them, one time there was no one even there which further confirmed that it was not them. In the laundry room in Jaeger I was about to walk out with my clothes and saw a little blonde girl run into a door that was never opened… I’m assuming it was the door that was used for the underground tunnels. Benedictine is 100% haunted. Ghost adventures needs to go in there and investigate.

    Posted 1/20/23

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  • Multiple Experiences.

    I graduated from BenU in 2017. I remember people telling me stories of the boy in blue in the girls dorm. As I never saw him I thought that the ghost stories were all fiction. But I had 2 experiences that truly changed my life. I want to state that Ursula Bielski (ou may know her from her books, appearance on Ghost Adventures or her Chicago Haunts tours) would come by around Halloween for a ghost tour which was cool. Now my experience. I worked as a student in the Art Gallery on the 5th floor of the Kindlon building. One day I was taking inventory of works with a coworker and wgile on a step stool I felt a hand go down my back. As a girl it freaked me out, I could feel a hand get stuck for a moment on my bra as it brushed down my back. I freaked out, of course, and when I looked back at my coworker she looked like she saw a ghost. She said she saw my shirt crease where I felt the hand. We promptly left for the day. A year later I was sitting with a friend in the sophomore dorm, Nuezil. It was lat at night and we were sitting across from one another. The blinds were closed. I saw a light, in the shape of an oval around 6 feet tall move from the window towards the back of the room. It made a sharp turn, hovered for a moment then continued through the wall I was sitting on. My friend looked at me wide eyed. I was terrified, I asked if she saw what I had, she said she felt it. I will never forget this because when the light passed, BEHIND her, she shivered. I always thought I believed in ghosts begore attending BenU, but I was still pretty sceptical. But after these experiences I am a believer. Benedictine is definitely haunted in my opinion. Even the staff and professors have stories. Especially if they had been on campus when old Ben Hall was around.

    Posted 10/10/20

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  • Former student

    Former student here and married to former IBC (Illinois Benedictine College) security guard. The 4th Floor of Ben Hall (which is no longer standing) was a very scary place to be at night. As a student worker, I was sometimes in the building after dark and would see lights turning on/off in the back portion of the hall where no one was. The auditorium on the 3rd floor(?) gave off a weird vibe. When my spouse would patrol, he had a few encounters, especially the one on the 4th floor that like to follow you and mimic your footsteps. Doors locked and unlocked at random. Rating reflects that we can no longer experience the former home of the monk's that built the college.

    Posted 7/9/20

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  • Totally haunted

    When your roommate's friend wakes up in the middle of the night and starts to dance in a circle singing Ring Around the Rosie while holding hands with 2 small children you know something's up. We'd wake up to our door randomly wide open in the middle of the night. Or come home and the heat would be turned to full blast on a 90 degree day. Ondrak hall. I think it was room 223. There was also a murder there in the 70s. Her body was left on one of the outdoor alters, near the lake.

    Posted 10/18/18

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  • Actual Happenings

    I was a former student there at BenU. Yes, the boy in a blue shirt and shorts is a real thing that only happens on the 3rd floor and outside of the freshman girls dorm. A girl drowned in the kidney shaped lake back when the campus was a orphanage. last, but not least the business building (Goodwin Hall) in the middle of the quad burned down and the employees said it was the most haunted building on campus. But if you really want a good haunt, go to the cemetery next to the lake and take pictures, there will be nothing but orbs and shadows in the picture. My experiences was pretty weird. I had my lights turned on while I was in bed watching netflix. There were strange knocks at my door around 4 in the morning. Tried to play with the little blue boy ghost and it worked. My tv and xbox would randomly turn off while watching netflix or playing video games.

    Posted 7/25/17

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  • I attended there now I believe in ghost

    Never use to believe in ghost until benedictine University. I Personally heard kids voice and sawvdoors opening and closing, I investigated no wind or uneven floors.

    Posted 3/5/17

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