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Moon Point Cemetery - Moon Creek Cemetery - Streator IL Haunted Place

  • Moon Point Cemetery
  • Streator, IL
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This cemetery is older than the Civil War and is also known as Moon Creek Cemetery. It was believed to begin as a family cemetery for the early settlers Jacob Moon and his family. A well known ghost at the cemetery is that of the Hatchet Lady, a female ghost who, legend has it, often visited the cemetery to watch over her son's grave after he died during the Civil War. When she passed away, her ghost took up the vigil, carrying a hatchet. Witnesses say she has been heard whispering or yelling at visitors to "Get out!" Other stories say there is a ghostly boy and eerie dancing lights with red and white orbs that appear at the cemetery and its surrounding areas. Strange noises have also been reported here, including the sound of sarcophagus lids. Please note: this cemetery is closed to visitors at night.
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  • moon point cemetary experience

    We saw a tall white creature hunched running left to right in the forest and it was gone within seconds. The creek is super cool and spooky

    Posted 3/30/24

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  • I was telling the truth

    Moon creek There was a comment that' was post about there car died on tracks I was there back in early 2000's And we hung out for maybe 20 mins and seen a white light or something....so we got scared and took off when we got to tracks car died and wouldn't start and both sides of tracks there was two trains coming from different directions and right before they were going to crash into each other the car started.....I've always told ppl that story and no one til this day believes me but after I was reading that one comment it just makes it more believable

    Posted 6/12/23

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  • moon creek

    me and my freinds whent there as a joke but we were there arond 5pm and i started to get off vibes and really cold, my freinds and us started to leave and the car would not start and a train came and we havent felt right since my freind started to say what if we didnt leave there as in we died or in a hallution

    Posted 3/19/23

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  • Yes haunted and beautiful

    Kept hearing footsteps in dead leaves we were the only people there. As we were leaving saw the red eyes in the back northern area of the cemetery. This was in day light. Very beautiful though.

    Posted 7/14/22

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  • Believe

    My sister's, best friend and I all went when I was 18 and we all heard different things but the freakish part was it was told that I train would come across the path out and trap you in there and a train did come let's say we high tailed it out of there I also saw blue lights dancing around I was definitely weird

    Posted 8/3/21

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  • Phantom Train

    My friends and I use to go there in the mid ‘90s. The experiences I had there made me a believer. Unexplained noises and voices, shadow people and a train that you can’t see. The train crossing arm came down and the lights flashed. We know we heard a train traveling on the tracks, but couldn’t see one. No one would cross them to see, we were all too terrified.

    Posted 10/3/20

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  • Creepy

    My wife I thought we heard a creaky door close a couple of times. There’s no building remotely near.

    Posted 6/20/20

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  • The hauntings of Mooncreek cemetery located south of Streator, IL.

    My younger sister kathy and our friends use to go to moon creek cemetery in streator il.back in the 1980 and part out and it was really spooky then plus we had heard stories and that about back then Please send me more info on mooncreek cemetery. Thank u

    Posted 2/3/20

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  • Paranormal BS

    Back in the 70s and 80s, Moon Creek was a popular place for underage drinking. The story of the Hatchet Lady was just a story older siblings would tell younger siblings. Everyone heard it but back in those days, she was supposedly a real person who lived in a house out there who would come after your car with a hatchet. Never heard her referred to as a spirit or ghost back then. Never heard of lights, orbs, sounds, cars dying back then either and where Moon Creek is located is a small town area. Not a chance I believe these things actually happened and no one else heard about it. It would've spread like wild fire. Seems like it's only become a paranormal thing since the paranormal movies and tv shows have come out many years later. Now simple creep out your friend or sibling stories of the past have become "supernatural" bs and everyone has an experience to tell. If this cemetery is so haunted, why didn't my older siblings and their friends experience something while out there? Why didn't me and my friends on the many occasions we went out there walking around at night? Or friends of friends? I'll tell you why. Because it's supernatural or paranormal bs that's based on stories told years ago that were made up stories. To tell the truth, I was more creeped out by the old barn near the cemetery that supposedly a man had hung himself in than the cemetery itself but it's funny I never hear a word about the barn. The only thing anyone needs to fear about Moon Creek or Moon Point Cemetery is the train that used to come at a certain time at night and if you got caught on the cemetery side, you were stuck till it finally passed and might not make it home in time for curfew.

    Posted 2/26/18

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