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Aux Sable Cemetery - Minooka IL Real Haunts

  • Brown Rd.
  • Minooka, IL
  • (815) 942-4292
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This cemetery is rumored to be haunted by a young girl's ghost who is quite mischievous. She has been known to play pranks, such as lowering electrical car windows when the key is not in the ignition. The site is also believed to be a portal from a ghostly dimension.
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  • heard of it

    I really want to go I heard it was scary and fun. I have one friend willing to go so far and my dad wants to take me.

    Posted 3/7/24

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  • Not right

    This cemetery during the day and night big diffrence snuck in at night bc heard all the rumors of devil worship and hauntings their. As soon as went through those gates the whole energy changed this was at around 11 at night. You just knew we where not supposed to be there. I was doing a spirt box and I’ll never forget what it said it said Thomas crash die. At the time didn’t take it seriously but a two years later a buddy of mine name Thomas crashed and passed away and it makes me think. We left after we got that spirt box we got a feeling we had to go we where not wanted at all and something was bout to happen if we didn’t

    Posted 1/26/24

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  • Have some respect

    How would you feel if everyone was sneaking around fk@^ng with your dead loved ones. Just stop already

    Posted 5/12/23

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  • Handprints and a welcoming feeling

    Handprints in the dust on my buddies previously clean car. We go all the time. Using a box, the spirits like to speak to us, as we’re younger, both 17. They seem to remember us. I wore pink the first time I went and every time I go they seem to say “he’s back, pink” over and over. It’s surreal but I don’t feel weird being there. I feel like I’m welcome, it’s odd.

    Posted 3/23/23

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  • Audio out

    I visited this cemetery back in 2016 in September. I went there to metal detect the open areas around trees, where the cars line up ect, not ever directly over or around Grave stones. The original entrance was on the south end of cemetery and in early 1800s there was a small colony camp plantation along the creek is what I found out. On my way in before the bridge there was a girl walking north didn't really think about it till now but that was strange cause it was around 11 am and not to many things like gas stations or businesses close by. I wanted to recorded live on Facebook so I did and the moment I crossed the bridge over the creek my audio went out but still filming ??. Once I got in there I parked on south end by the original entrance of the cemetery. I left the driverside window halfway down got my detector and started swiping. 20min in I turned live Facebook back on still no audio but I was able to record which was strange but I knew what was going on. I decided to go inside the mosaleum as the doors were open and took a few pictures ?? creep feeling as I remember. After about 2hrs or so I went back into the woods along the creek but turned around to much ivy. Got back to my car and noticed my car window was all the way up. I had the key fob in my pocket the entire time. It was pretty alarming so I got out of there filming Facebook live but still no audio but the moment I crossed the bridge north over the creek my audio came right back. Definitely some demon stuff playing games back there.

    Posted 11/30/22

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  • Voices

    When we pulled up, about an hour ago, the mausoleum doors were wide open, yes the crept was vandalized, but I went in to explore. I will say I had a strange feeling in there. I pulled out my spirit box, asked if it was okay and crouched down and immediately heard, "Please don't do that." Needless to say I walked out and shut off the box. I did walk around the crept (or tried to.) I was looking into the forest and poked my head around the back and heard plain as day, "You should go back." Without using the spirit box. Omg.

    Posted 10/1/22

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  • There's something off about this cemetery

    I go to a lot of cemeteries because I find them peaceful and I like to take photos of the cemeteries I've been to. I have never felt that any of them were haunted or had a weird feeling (even at Bachelor's Grove) until I went to this one. I went twice in the same day because a friend wanted to come along later and I caught a glowing white orb and a transparent dark orange glow with my professional camera. One in the day, and one at night. The day photo might be a bug, but it's so transparent and I haven't had my camera pick up anything foreign before. The night photo on the other hand, has no explanation. There is a glowing white orb in the forest entryway and when I zoomed in on my photo, I can see it GLOWING white and lighting up the leaves of the tree it's under! My flash wasn't on, there weren't any light sources as it was night. I just can't wrap my head around what it could be. I am officially spooked out. When I was here alone in the day, I had a really weird feeling. I heard crying twice from the forest and lots of shuffling and footsteps behind me. When I walked up to the rusty door, there was a loud bang once coming from inside and it scared the shit out of me because it was completely quiet until I walked up to it. I'm not blowing smoke. I have NEVER encountered anything unusual in cemeteries before this one! Really weird!

    Posted 9/27/22

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  • Very nice quiet place to visit

    Very quiet place...almost serene. My girls were using my EMF detector around the gravestone WALLEY when it started beeping and pointing to YELLOW which means energy is present. They dropped it and ran to the car. The EMF detector did not beep or move til we got to that particular headstone.

    Posted 10/22/17

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