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Manteno State Hospital - Real Manteno Haunt

  • 102 Diversatech Dr.
  • Manteno, IL
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In 1939, this 1930's hospital suffered a typhoid fever epidemic and more than 50 patients and staff members died. The hospital was later renamed the Manteno Mental Health Center and it stopped operations in 1985. The complex then became business rentals, a bank, part of the Illinois Diversatech Campus and even a private residence. Witnesses have reported apparitions of patients and nurses and ghostly voices that come over the nonfunctional intercom system.
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    The Manteno State Hospital was torn down in 2015. The land is now multiple houses. The state of the cemetery for the asylum is unknown.

    Posted 7/15/24

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  • Creepy back then

    A group of friends and I mustered up the courage to visit here probably in 2005 or so. It was definitely creepy. We heard the PA system… kind of like it glitched? Or someone put a speaker in there to scare trespassers. But it definitely turned on. Only 2 of the old original buildings were still standing back then and probably not safe. I was really amazed at the room with 4 bathtubs that a local student had turned into an art project, there was a huge story written on the wall. Didn’t stay in that room long enough to read it all, wish we had. We found the tunnel system underground. Walked for a bit and found a room full of old shoes and metal chairs in a circle. Another chair was facing the corner and there was what looked like blood on the wall in front of it. I tell myself it was another art project. Wish I had pics! I’m sure that building is long gone by now but it was definitely a creepy/cool experience. There was a paranormal group there as we were leaving that had permission to be there. They told us of all the activity they’d picked up over the years. That was cool too.

    Posted 9/4/22

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  • Use to work on their property for a new graphic place

    Use to Work in a building on the property. A Graphic arts place that they spent tons of money to make it a new building. Gosh it was soo many years ago. About 30 years ago. yes a new linen company opened a huge place. They had high hopes of it turning into a commercialized industrial park. I see they put houses on property that are jammed together in one part. All of us employees would go down to morg and the tunnels and see all kinds of doctor notes and the stainless steel table down stairs where they probably enbombed them and more. we use to check out every building and was scary! Co-workers use too bring down sticks of dynamite and blow thing up in the buildings. Yes they were crazy. I havent drove out there in 20 years but only a hour away.. our graphics place moved to Chicago and they left a bunch of stuff in a abandon building. would be interesting to go see it again!

    Posted 10/9/21

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  • haunted, without a doubt

    After 1985, when the facility was abandoned, before it was filled with the balloon factory and the industrial linen cleaning factory, and before it was a mental health care for trouble teens facility, it was empty of life. As a teen during that time, I rode my bike there with friends. What they didn't mention in this article is that they did electro-therapy on patients of the mental facility. The dental style chairs with leather tie-down straps remained at the times of my visits. Also, beds with restraints were still present. Green institutional paint cracking and reaching away from the walls. Papers littered the floors as if everyone left in a hurry and nobody returned. The deeper depths of the buildings revealed something much more surprising and unnerving than I could anticipate. One adventurous night, in my teenage years, a couple friends and myself rode our bikes to the facility in the middle of night. We wanted to explore an underground tunnel that was accessible from inside a building we knew of from a previous visit. We had flashlights this time and were prepared to see what lay within. We made our way to the basement of the building. Carefully walking over tattered clothes, broken glass and toppled furniture. The bottom of a staircase revealed a tunnel about 7' in diameter, and about 15' in length, ending with a door. We the next 20minutes attempting to kick, pry and force the door open before one us geniuses found a way to pop the hinges off. We entered the threshold to find what seemed like a never ending tunnel. There were a thin line of tracks as if they moved some small carts through the tunnel. We walked for about 50yards, then came to an intersection. We stopped there to regroup and decide how we would progress. After choosing a direction, we moved forward cautiously. We went on for what seemed a quarter mile. That is when it happened. We heard some extra shifting as we were walking. like an added set of dragging foot steps. We all stopped and held our breaths to listen. Nothing... We had dead silence. Was it in all our heads? Then it happened. A lighter flickered on front of us about 100 feet away. I don't know which happened first, the light or ours dying, but both flashlights dimmed to almost nothing simultaneously. We all seen the light ahead and I yelled, "hey!". We got nothing in return. It looked like it was slowly moving torward us. We all got scared and started to run in the dark back for the entrance. Like a gust of wind, the three of us were knocked forward and to the ground. It felt as if we tripped over each other, but we weren't touching. We stood up and ran for our lives. We made the tunnel doorway and ran through the building without further incident. Getting on our bikes and getting to my friend's house, we all knew that death was at our doorstep, and we barely escaped its grip.

    Posted 9/18/21

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  • Manteno paranormal activity

    We investigated this place in 2009 and had several experiences while walking Morgan, from having my cigarette been slapped out of my ears a good 6 ft away while walking outside the building, several pictures show signs that there is something in or around that place I have a picture that you can check here https://www.clickasnap.com/i/5exe6okmyo2bkyyl also during the investigation in a group back during 2009 December in a group that had a Sheriff and a cop from the area we had an experience that was recorded on a video by the cop and uploaded to youtube was quite scary and one of the scariest sounds I had,

    Posted 5/4/21

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  • Not really there anymore

    The buildings that were the most active were demolished in 2002-2003 The other buildings there have been renovated and the grounds is now a facility for troubled teens/psych facility. In other words it's no longer Manteo state hospital and it's a waste of time.

    Posted 4/3/21

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  • Definitely haunted

    Being a physic medium I can say there are a lot of lost and confused souls who wander the halls and grounds of the hospital.

    Posted 3/24/21

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  • resident at indian oaks acadamy

    Saw a lady in a white dress in the hall had friends see curtians open and things thrown and felt someone touch me in my sleep saw little girl by friend bed and also had friend s run into abandon building strange things

    Posted 4/2/18

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  • Been there, done that

    Went with a bunch of friends several times, back in the late 90's...got some interesting photos, but nothing out of the ordinary. Lots of rotting equipment laying around, some falling apart hospital beds, even found old fliers and a few patient records. Creepy? Maybe. But definitely sad, loads of defilement and used condoms (gross, people!)...but no ghosts.

    Posted 6/15/16

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  • Creepy but nothing out of the ordinary

    Me and my friends went there one night, while it was extreamly creepy most of the fear came from us psyching ourselves out. We were probably more afraid of getting the cops called on us for trespassing. If you are willing to potentially get in trouble with law enforcement it is a really creepy place to go to. I don't do scary things that well but if you're in for the thrill it is worth it.

    Posted 6/15/16

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