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Cuba Road - Real Haunts in Lake Zurich IL

  • Cuba Road
  • Lake Zurich, IL
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Paranormal phenomenon is said to exist along this road. There's a cemetery that sits along this road just east of Old Barrington Road. For years haunts have been reported, including a phantom black car that would appear and then vanish, a ghost woman with a lantern who would flag down motorist and then disappear as they stopped for her, and the gangster apparition that would appear in drivers' rear view mirrors chewing a cigar.
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  • The rake.

    Today me and my buddy went to see if anything would happen, but we were driving half way through the road. And a white figure. On all 4s run across the road. Back in 2010 my sister went there with her bf. And she said the same exact thing. And also at the cemetery. I heard voices and movement

    Posted 6/23/24

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  • I routinely drive this road-20+ years

    I live in area-drive the road often. Only once saw something peculiar but it wasn’t as described here. I was returning from taking my kids home from a guitar lesson. We travel the same route at same time for years and only once did we see a “sparkling” of lights all over the road and upwards about 25 feet. It was really pretty and I pulled over to the side of the road to try to make sense of what I was seeing. Imagine snow as sparkling lights coming from White cemetery and above road. I thought maybe reflections from grave stones but it didn’t make sense- there were 75+ sparkles in all directions twinkling. It didn’t feel scary or threatening. It was actually very calm and light, maybe even joyous. I could never explain it. This happened approximately 2010 around 7:30 pm. Because of how often I travel here and never experienced anything more I wouldn’t rate this a hugh level haunt.

    Posted 10/20/23

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  • Years ago but still remember

    In the late 90s, after hearing all of the rumors, my friends and I drove up to the house and were hoping for a good scare. We were two guys in our late teens, with two recent girlfriends, so it was really any excuse to cruise around in the car. We didn't see anything noteworthy and we were pretty disappointed but then we took a few weird turns trying to get back to the main road (these were the days before GPS) and suddenly we were on what seemed like a long rocky road with no houses around. It was honestly just weird and, being city kids, it too seemed like something we could explain away -- like we were in the 'burbs and these things happen. Anyhow, after driving down this road for a bit, we saw someone walking along the side of it and leapt to believe this was the eeriness we were all hoping for! A random person on the side of a rural road!!! (haha). So we drove on, happy that we had our experience. But then... After the adrenaline and excitement got us chatting, we realized we didn't know where we were going and decided to turn around. I also specifically remember someone in the car saying that we'd be able to see what the person looked like, since they'd be walking towards the car (since we didn't get a good look in the rearview mirror). However, when we drove the other way, there was nobody on the road. And, being a seemingly deserted road with nothing in sight, I really can't explain where they went. Now I could chalk this up to teenage excitement or a dark night in an unfamiliar area but, with all the other stories I've since heard, I tend to believe that this night we experienced our own haunting on Cuba road.

    Posted 9/1/23

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  • Scared me half to death

    So this happened two years ago around Halloween, me and some friends went because we all heard stories about the White Cemetery being haunted so we wanted to go check it out. As we were driving there I started to get a feeling that something bad was going to happen. Which I was right. So as we pulled onto the side street by the cemetery we all got out of the car and saw a 8 foot figure standing by the gate, we all thought it was from a Halloween decoration so as we were walking to the gate, the gate slammed shut. It was not a Halloween decoration it was something else. We all ran back to the car and notice that the figure was stuck in the cemetery and it was running following the car.

    Posted 7/21/23

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  • Medium Feeling

    My husband and I were driving to Cuba Road. I could already feel apprehension. It felt like I was being threatened along the way to turn back. I decided to go anyways. We ended up being on the street for a little bit and there was a feeling of uneasiness. We ended up trying to research it later. I am not sure if I would encourage people to return as it didn't seem rather safe. We put all of our experience on our YouTube channel at Paranormal Investigation Agency.

    Posted 12/18/21

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  • Nothing to see

    This place has houses all over with lights on both sides and traffic down the road. if your close go see it but if your fat don’t waste your time.

    Posted 3/31/21

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    Went when I was young! 76! A lot! The feeling of dread surrounded you, We had bon fires on back cement pad 2nd floor! Great place, won't forget! Basement and freezer full of crap! Scared me! We partied there for a couple years! Had an elevator shaft friend fell down into basement! When we ran down the cement spiral stair case. We kept going to basement. Nothing but cement rubble! We had a bic lighter! Never went down there again! Maybe once in the daytime. Went half way down! Creepy Story! I heard the owner killed his whole family and hung from the center of the stairs! There is more! Just rumors! I guess? Have not been there in 40 years! Just a path in the grass up a hill! Less than a half mile, I would say! Go south look east 3 maybe 4 miles down. Not sure it exist anymore!

    Posted 2/14/21

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  • Hunting Nightly For 6 Months

    I’ll keep it short and sweet because I’ve talked about our findings on my YouTube Vlogs a lot. Including actual footage. Search Hashy Dopest. Long story short, a friend and I had gone hunting for paranormal sightings (specifically on Cuba Road) every single night for half a year. Some nights it was raining, others it was snowing and some nights were foggy. Rarely was the weather clear. Some of our experiences: We have had a run in with the phantom car. We had a run in with an unexplainable entity crossing the road. We’ve heard countless noises and sounds that made us intensely uncomfortable. We’ve seen many weird and questionable things as well. Both on Cuba rd and on Rainbow road. We’ve gotten stuck in a blizzard on the side of Cuba road. We’ve had a flat tire on Cuba road. We’ve had something hit our car on Cuba road and when we got out, there was nothing nearby. It made a believer out of me.

    Posted 11/30/20

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  • Interesting experience

    I do not consider myself a believer but here was my experience visiting this site with friends. Out of the 10 or so cars that passed this back road, 2 of them were old blacked out muscle cars, a little suspicious considering the odds but not proof of a ghost. I and 2 other friends heard distant whaling that sounded like an old woman, it lasted around 10 seconds and we all heard it before we mentioned it to each other. I took a lot of photos and caught tons of "orbs" but I just think it was the camera.

    Posted 8/22/20

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  • Back in the day

    Me and a group of friends went there years ago when we were in high school expecting to see what has been said about the location but didn’t see a car or person anywhere. However we did record around the actual grave yard and took pictures. We planned ahead of time and bought a whole pack of batteries for the camera just in case. Certain enough the camera wouldn’t work. It would work at first when you would try to take a picture but then afterwards the cameras would die. We would replace the battery maybe 4 times and still the same result. It wasn’t until we left a few miles away from the cemetery that the camera turned back on and started working as it should.

    Posted 7/31/20

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