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Kit Kats Ousted as Illinois' Most Popular Halloween Candy

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Halloween is right around the corner, and as you head to the stores to buy your Halloween sweets for trick or treaters, you might be wondering - what's the most popular Trick or Treat Candy here in Illinois?

According to CandyStore.com's annual Halloween Popular Candy Study, Kit Kat Bars, which was the most popular candy in the state of Illinois in 2016, was ousted, and a new candy reigns as king for kids for 2017 - Sour Patch Kids! That's not to say that Kit Kats aren't still popular in the Prairie State - they're still holding strong in the #2 position, tailing behind Sour Patch Kids by a few thousand pounds in terms of sales. Coming in at #3 is Reese's Cups, which just eeked its way into the Top 3 for the first time this year!

While Sour Patch Kids might be reigning supreme in Illinois this year, next year is anyone's game - all three of the top spots shifted in 2017, so be on the look out for new sweet treats going for the gold in 2018!

Source: CandyStore.com.

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