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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Why Halloween Season Is Our Absolute Fave

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We're in the heart of the Halloween Season and the holiday is almost a week away. For those who love Halloween as much as we do here at IllinoisHauntedHouses.com, we have our reasons as to why it's our favorite time of the year. 

From the number of Haunted Attractions to visit all throughout the season, to the spooky decor that fills our homes, these things are just the beginning when it comes to all the reasons why we enjoy the holiday so much. Check out some of the things we love the most about the Halloween Season here:

The Weather Begins to Get Cooler
Depending on where you live, the weather during the Fall time gets a bit cooler and the air becomes crispier. The leaves start to turn colors, giving us a beautiful view of the foliage throughout the season. No other season brings us these colors, and it looks even better with spooky decorations on homes! 

Horror Movies Take Over the Television
True horror fans enjoy watching flicks all throughout the year that keep them on the edge of their seats, but during the Halloween Season, everyone is joining in on the scary-good fun. A number of television networks feature our favorite Halloween and Horror movies during marathons and events like 'Fear Fest' on AMC and '13 Nights of Halloween' on Freeform. 

Spooky Decor is Everywhere We Turn
From the stores to the homes that line your block, Halloween decorations are a holiday tradition that many take part in. Stores gear up for the spooky holiday during the summer time, giving people plenty of time to stock up on decor for both inside and outside their home. It's also fun to see how creative people can get when it comes to decorating!

You Get to Play Dress Up
No matter what age you are, dressing up for Halloween is always fun. Whether you're going trick-or-treating or heading to a Halloween party, costumes allow us to show off a side we don't have the opportunity to throughout the rest of the year. This too allows us to get super creative, especially if you're making your own!

The Yummy Candy
Trick-or-treating is a major Halloween tradition and it plays a huge part in the holiday celebrations. What other time of the year is it okay to go door to door asking for candy? Exactly! This only adds to our love for the holiday, especially for those who have a sweet tooth.

The Scares
Although some haunted attractions are open on other holidays throughout the year, such as Christmas and Valentine's Day, it doesn't beat the entire season being filled with numerous Haunted Houses for thrill seekers to enjoy. You get to take on some serious scares with friends, along with checking out other haunted events, such as Corn Mazes, Hayrides, Zombie Hunts, Haunted Trails and more. 

Seasonal Goodies
The Fall Season comes complete with some truly tasty beverages and food. We get the chance to go apple picking and pumpkin picking so we can make the freshest of pies and tons of restaurants and bars offer seasonal drink specials that really get us into the spirit. And we can't forget about delicious apple cider and donuts!

What's your favorite thing about the Halloween Season? Let us know by commenting below!



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