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Extras Needed for Halloween Reboot - Set to Begin Filming this January

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Fans are waiting as patiently as possible for the 2018 Halloween reboot, interested to find out just how its writers will deliver. The film is set to begin filming in January in Charleston, South Carolina, and they're in search of extras for the film. So, if you're an actor and love the Halloween films, this is the perfect gig for you! 

According to Tona B. Dahlquist Casting, agents are in search of extra of all races and ages, from children through seniors. Also needed for the film are real police officers, nurses, EMTs, CSI Investigators, photographers and a coroner. 

Along with being posted on the casting company's Facebook page, ads were also posted on www.filmsc.com. More details will be announced next month regarding the need for stand-ins, photo doubles and special looks or skills. 

Interested in becoming an extra? Here's what you need to submit:

  • Two current photos, one full-length and one of your face. Cellphone photos are OK, but do not wear a hat or sunglasses
  • Your nam
  • Your age
  • Your phone number (cellphone is preferred)
  • The city and state where you live
  • Your height
  • Your weight
  • Your clothing sizes
  • Any visible tattoos or piercings
  • Vehicle information because some extras will be cast with their vehicle (List the color, make, model and year of the vehicle)

Submissions can be sent to charlestonmovieextras@gmail.com. The Facebook post says to include the following in the subject header: gender, age, ethnicity, city and state. 



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